Dental Veneers

Today we have exciting new biomaterials that can give your smile a lift without invasive treatments.

Ultra-thin porcelain veneers or composite veneers can correct chipped, weakened, or discoloured teeth. No more yellow or stained teeth; no more gaps or embarrassing chips. And veneers can return real structural integrity to damaged teeth, while leaving them looking as good (or possibly better) than the originals.

Veneers are custom made to fit over your natural teeth, with a finish more translucent to blend in with surrounding teeth. So people won't notice your tooth, they'll simply see your beautiful, natural smile.

CASE I : Composite veneers

DiscolouredAfter Composite Veneers in all front teeth

CASE II : Porcelain Veneers

Irregular teeth wanted StraitningVeneer preparations
Veneers on modelsInside of Veneers (There is no metal & it has only the outer surface of teeth)
Teeth Straightened & WhitenedAfter Veneer Fixation